Exchange with no restriction to any legal tender

The Early Bird starts from November 1, 2017

Problem of exchange legal tender with altcoin

Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges have already shut down the channel of depositing legal tender. When investors are hoping to purchase altcoin, they need to first buy BTC in the exchange, such as Kraken and Coinbase, and withdraw BTC to Liqui or other exchange afterwards. They will take sacrifice of a large amount of time.

Arousal is keen to break confine

Arousal will develop Bitcoin OTC, where customers can transfer BTC through OTC to their Arousal wallets and they will settle their money with ‘zero recognition‘z. By means of our reliable technology, your BTC will be extremely safe deposited in our wallet. Likely, it would also be the most rapid way to settle bitcoins into cash.

The guarantee mechanism of OTC

OTC group will open guarantor application. Guarantors need to deposit a certain number of Bitcoin as the security deposit to Arousal. As buyers and sellers of legal tender guarantor receivables from person to person and may charge a fee. The guaranteed mechanism solves the credit problem of the legal currency payment in the over-the-counter
transaction, and the guarantor can come from all over the world and the user is no longer limited
to the area or the category of legal tender.

Why holding Arousal Token

Definitely, commission fee will be charged during the investing activities. However, Arousal will reward them with 20% of the whole ARS, meanwhile, 30% of the total commission will be added into order sequence for repurchasing ARS remained in the market.

ARS Circulation Regulation

  • Total number of ARS is 100,000,000.
  • 20% for Crowdsale will last for 60 days.
  • 10% hold by the team members.
  • Remaining 65% will be used to reward traders in the platform.
  • 5% for Bounty Budget.

Aug 2017

Group established

Our group was founded in August, 2017, and the company was registered in Romania. All of the group members come from Germany and Australia.

Nov 2017

Dec 2017

Bring OTC online

After the ARS, team’s effort will concentrate on OTC and technology development in exchange. We will bring OTC online in the second half of Dec to carry out promotion strategy.

Q1 2018

Decentralized will be the future trend. To follow the pace, Arousal will open and test 5-10 kinds of cryptocurrencies and make them ready for transit to future decentralized exchange.

Q4 2018

Build a decentralized exchange.


Build A Global Cryptocurrency Exchange


Eric Merlin CEO
  • Bachelor of Business Economics (Betriebswirtschaft) in Freie Universität Berlin.
  • 3 Years working experience as a consultant in PwC.
  • Entrepreneur
  • A blockchain enthusiast that is one of the earliest Estonian e-residence card holder.
  • Experiences in planning couple of blockchain projects.
Jatin Gupta CTO
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Informartik) in Technische Universität Berlin
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Specialize in c#,Python,PHP
  • 3 years working experience in Telekom.
  • The experiences in developing large finance platforms
  • One of the core members that established the tuition fee system by using Bitcoin for Hochschule EMST.
Ryan Gaston CFO
  • Master of Finance in University of New South Wales
  • 2 years working experience as an independent consultant focusing on private equity financing of SMEs.
  • 3 years working experience in the Finance&Investment department of Deloitte, Frankfurt
  • 8 years stock market investment experience
  • Thorough understanding in financial derivatives and shares investment.